Thank you for your interest in All Aboard English Academy! Please take your time exploring our website and learning more about our school's academics, values, resources, and environment. The admissions process at our school begins with an understanding from families of the overall structure of learning and classes at All Aboard, which starts with familiarizing yourself with our school goals, class structures, educational beliefs, and system of values. Once you have reviewed background information on our school, the next step in the admissions process is submitting a detailed and complete application.

The purpose of this application is to provide our school with information related to your child's past educational experiences (particularly in English), your family's reasons for seeking English education, information about his/her daytime school, your child's personality and interests outside of school, and any other relevant information that will help our school form a picture of your child as a unique individual and as a potential member of our learning community.

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Explain previous English education experience(s).
If a language school was attended in the past, please provide the name of the school, the length of time the school was attended, and the reason for leaving.
Why is English important to you and your family?
What qualities make the applicant a good fit for the school community?
Select a choice (How many hours a week of class can your child attend?)
If you selected "Other", please clarify.
Describe your child's personality. How would he or she contribute to his/her class?
What are your child's strengths and weaknesses, academic and otherwise?
What unique qualities does your child possess to which our school should be particularly sensitive?
What do you consider to be the most important qualities in a school to which you send your child?
How were you introduced to our program? Please check all that apply.
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