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At All Aboard English Academy, you can expect a standards-based language arts curriculum that integrates key developmental skills, such as collaboration, problem solving, and enthusiasm towards learning, into all grade levels. Each year of our program blends seamlessly into the next, with the youngest learners starting in our PreK program and transitioning through kindergarten-aged programming onto elementary, middle school, high school, and eventually college preparatory coursework with the goal of providing the foundation for students to be successful not only in universities in Taiwan or abroad, but also the skills and mindsets to be contributing members of today’s global society. Our curriculum is aligned to U.S. Common Core State Standards for English language arts to ensure that students are provided the rigor and challenges necessary to maintain English literacy levels for a possible future overseas or to be able to communicate with people from different countries.

Rather than approach language learning in Taipei as a second (or sometimes third) language, we teach through full English immersion. Students learn English as a method for learning a wide range of skills, including how to work with others, presentation skills, and literary skills, as well as a mindset for learning. Students are taught not only a language, but valuable ways to encounter challenges they face in the world. We foster the development of every child as a whole person, as we teach important character development skills and values and nurture the social and emotional development of learners in conjunction with their academic growth. Our classrooms and schools are designed to be positive, safe spaces where students are encouraged to take risks and learn from mistakes in order to grow as learners. We foster the growth mindset and model this as a school community, demonstrating that learning is a lifelong process and passion.

In addition, we design educational opportunities to help students learn how to work with one another to grow deeper understandings of topics in conjunction with success skills that will help children grow into adults who are capable of leading and working well with others. Our integrated and progressive curriculum, as well as our small class size with group classes no larger than eight students, allows for our qualified and dedicated instructors to tailor learning opportunities to every student within a class. This allows for students to not only learn from the instructor, but also from each other, as they grow new ideas and ways of thinking together. We combine independent learning with partner work and small group work, all with our excellent teachers overseeing the process and monitoring every student’s individual progress on a daily basis. We also seek to make the process of learning fun and engaging for every learner, taking into account individual interests, strengths, and areas that could be improved upon to make every class meaningful as we learn together.

What makes us special ?

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We teach for understanding and make learning fun! We provide a positive, safe, and supportive environment throughout our school and in every classroom that takes into account the individual needs and interests of all students to help them reach their full potential as learners and members of our school community. We pace learning based on student needs, providing support with rigor to make learning both challenging and enjoyable. Not only do we provide students with beneficial, engaging learning opportunities related to academic skills, but we also push students to truly think, collaborate, and communicate effectively.

Teachers and Staff

Our teachers are not only all certified, qualified, highly professional educators who are dedicated to providing the best possible learning experiences for your child, but they are also native English speakers with years of experience. They participate in ongoing professional learning and are enthusiastic about education, and their passion for their profession shows each and every day as they support the emotional, social, and academic learning of all students. Additionally, our Taiwanese administrative support staff has years of experience working with children and are fluent in English as well.

School Community

When your child joins our school, your family is not only getting an amazing teaching staff and administrative staff, but you are also becoming part of a community of learners. Our environment supports students as they become the best versions of themselves, and part of that support is through working closely with parents, caregivers, and families to facilitate learning not only at school, but also beyond our walls. We work closely with families to keep them updated on what is happening at school and to offer ideas on how to best help their children at home. Parents also have opportunities to meet and connect with other caregivers at school events, which are another wonderful way for us to let families know what is happening at our school.


Our progressive, research-backed curriculum is an innovative way to integrate English language learning into meaningful classes where students learn naturally, through using the language, engaging with it through a multitude of learning situations and opportunities, and progress continuously while gaining confidence in their own abilities. Our curriculum is structured similarly to language arts programs in the United States and therefore allows students to learn naturally as they are immersed in a full-English environment, while still providing support necessary for second (or third) language learners.

Core Values