Thank you for your interest in All Aboard English Academy! Please take your time exploring our website and learning more about our school's academics, philosophy, and environment. The admissions process at our school begins with an understanding from families of the educational foundation and value system at All Aboard English Academy. This starts with familiarizing yourself with our school goals, class structures, educational beliefs, and system of values. We provide background information here on our excellent teaching staff that works firsthand with all of our students. You can also take a look at photos of our school facilities and resources. Once you have become fully acquainted with background information on our school, the next step in the admissions process is submitting a detailed and complete application. The purpose of this application is to provide our school with information related to your child's past educational experiences (particularly in English), your family's reasons for seeking English education, your child's personality, your child's life at his/her daytime school, your child's life and interests outside of school, and any other relevant information that will help our school form a complete picture of your child as an individual and as a potential member of our learning community. Please note that students of any English background are free to apply, even if they have had no prior exposure to English. A complete and detailed application will allow our Admissions Committee to determine whether our program will be a good fit for your family based on educational values and goals. Additionally, please understand that as our class sizes are extremely small, with a maximum of 6 students per class, the selection of qualified applicants is highly selective.

If your child's application is approved, he or she will be invited to our school to complete an assessment. The purpose of this assessment is to understand your child's past English experience. It also ensures that your student is placed in the class that is the best fit for his or her age, English abilities, and personality. We want each student to be able to immediately contribute to his or her class, so class placement is extremely important to help students feel comfortable, safe, and valued. The duration of the assessment will be based on the child's background in English.

☆ For the youngest learners, the assessment will evaluate letter recognition, knowledge of basic topics (such as colors and numbers), basic writing skills (for instance, does the child know how to hold a pencil?), and simple English listening and speaking abilities. Additionally, the assessor will observe the child's general disposition and level of independence. This will take about 20 minutes.
☆ For more advanced kindergarten and early elementary-aged students, the assessment will include a sight word recognition component, reading benchmark and running record assessment, writing sample, and a short listening and speaking evaluation. This will take 25 to 30 minutes.
☆ Students who are able to read and write will complete a written grammar, phonics, and listening assessment, reading benchmark and running record assessment, and a writing sample. The assessor will also talk with the student to evaluate conversation abilities. Depending on the student, this can take 40 to 60 minutes.
After your child's assessment, a member of our administrative staff may talk with a family member to gather additional relevant information related to the student and family. This complete snapshot of a child will help us evaluate his or her ability to be successful at our school. If your child is accepted into our program, we will then notify you of class placement options. For more information on our classes, please see the Academics section of our website.

To apply, please: Print and fill out one of the application forms below. Then either mail it to us or drop it off at our school!
Mail Address: No. 76, Lane 776, Section 6, Zhongshan North Road Shilin District, Taipei City

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