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WelcomeMessage from the Directors

Thank you for your interest in our school and welcome to our website! We would like to share a few words of introduction with you and then invite you to browse through all of the information provided here. We offer extensive background on our school with the hopes of making our vision transparent and welcoming to students of all backgrounds and ages.
This school was started with the vision of providing students and families a quality English language program that serves as an alternative to traditional English schools in Taipei. We promote individuality through small class sizes, with group classes of no more than six students, providing a great deal of individual attention for each learner. Our school also includes a staff of well-trained educators who are dedicated to the holistic education of each student, focusing not only on improving each child's English abilities, but also helping children grow into well-rounded individuals. These components are integrated with a research-backed English language curriculum that combines aspects of language arts with learning English as a foreign language, as well as a plethora of supplemental resources, both onsite and online, and information for families on ways they can help their children at home. Combining all of these elements, our school offers an excellent environment for English language learners of all ages.We pride ourselves in providing a special school community that encourages the academic, emotional, and social development of all learners in a safe environment where each student is individually valued. Our classrooms promote critical thinking skills and collaboration between students, as well as countless opportunities for individual attention from teachers and other members of our school staff. We seek to grow empathy within students, and we support children through their growth not only as English learners, but also as lifelong learners. We encourage the involvement of families in the learning process, and we constantly strive for excellence in education as our students develop into well-rounded individuals and contributing members of the community.
If this vision sounds like something you would like to be a part of either as a parent, a student, or a teacher, please continue to explore our website and feel free to contact us with any additional questions you have. We welcome you…All Aboard!

Chris and Debby
Directors, All Aboard English Academy

Our professional class arrangement

Learning should be fun and engaging. Our classes integrate all of the necessary components of English learning in an environment that encourages participation and helps students reach their full potential.

Mini Passengers

For our youngest students, we provide a comprehensive English curriculum organized into fun, age-appropriate themes.

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Junior Passengers

For our more advanced learners, we utilize reading and writing workshops to allow each student to excel in English at his or her own pace.

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