At All Aboard English Academy, we understand the importance of classrooms that are not only conducive to learning, but also comfortable, safe havens that foster creativity and learning for all students. In order to provide the best learning environment possible, we fill our classrooms with word walls, reading areas, relevant visual aids, and student work. By providing this environment, students are able to get themselves ready for class quickly and are provided with English opportunities in a variety of formats, supporting students of all learning styles.



At All Aboard English Academy, we support our students as they first learn to read, then read to learn. In order to do this, we provide a wide range of English books for learners of all ages in our school library. Every book in our library has been hand-selected by our qualified administration and teaching staff. We have also leveled each of our books so students will be able to find books at their “just-right” reading levels easily and quickly. We have books of every genre, ranging from fiction to poetry to non-fiction. Additionally, because we want our students to truly enjoy reading, we constantly purchase new books to add to our ever-growing library.


Urban Garden

Why does our school dedicate valuable outdoor space to an urban garden? First, research shows that children learn better when they have multiple spaces for learning, and we can use our garden for class activities and to give students some fresh air. Second, by helping to take care of plants and vegetables, students can learn responsibility. They learn to water our plants and be gentle with living things. Our students learn how to be respectful of the garden by having access to it. Third, this outdoor space provides endless hands-on learning opportunities about nature and science. We spend time examining plants and seeing how plants grow, looking at insects to see how they live in the world around us, and helping to plant new vegetables that we will get to eat eventually. Children can learn about where their food comes from, which can foster better nutritional habits and appreciation for the process of growing fruits and vegetables. Our students love spending time in the garden, and it piques their curiosity with the world around them, which leads to interest in even more topics. At All Aboard English Academy, learning opportunities are everywhere, and our school garden is a wonderful place where students can continue to learn and grow!


Multimedia Centers

We strive to offer our students numerous additional resources, both in school and outside of school, as they progress as English learners. At school, we offer both a computer center and a listening center for student usage before and/or after class. The computer center is equipped with access to our online reading and writing resources for students through their individual accounts, along with programs to allow students in our Writing Workshops to publish their work from class and work on projects for class. Our listening center gives students an opportunity to listen to books we provide as they read them, an excellent way to improve both listening and pronunciation.