AcademicsExcellence in English Education

We believe English education should not be compartmentalized, meaning it should never be taught separately as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. We teach the four main components of English in an integrated and age-appropriate system.

For our youngest learners, we use theme-based teaching to create units of study that integrate elements of reading, writing, listening, and speaking into topics that are interesting and relevant for students at that age. These topics have been carefully selected as ones that students will enjoy participating in while still learning important elements of English.

For more advanced students, we use reading and writing workshops to provide guidance in these skills for students while allowing students to explore their own unique interests. Additionally, we integrate elements of grammar and phonics into these units to provide extra support for EFL learners. These workshops foster close relationships with classmates and teachers by allowing students to express their own opinions and take charge of their own learning.

Our goal for all of our students is to encourage students to enjoy the learning process and to become lifelong learners. When students begin to read, they learn how to read, but soon, students will read to learn. By providing engaging topics of study in an encouraging classroom environment, students embrace their experiences learning English and are capable of reaching their full potential as English learners.

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What Makes Us Special?Our Classes, Teachers, Curriculum and School.

Our classes

Fun and engaging classes, taught using a fully-integrated curriculum, so students learn reading, writing, listening and speaking simultaneously. Small and intimate, with no more than 6 students per class.

Our teachers are

Certified to teach English as a foreign language. Highly experienced and qualified, all with over 4 years of teaching experience with English language learners. Enthusiastic about teaching and dedicated to the development of English learners.

Our Curriculum is

Innovative and the first of its kind in Taipei. Designed to focus on the individual needs of each student so every individual in our program can reach their full potential.

Our school

Strives to connect home and school in a partnership that will foster the development of every student. Provides a safe and welcoming environment for English learners at all ages and ability levels. Is dedicated to providing our students with an abundance of resources to help them reach their English goals.

A system of Values


Enjoying Learning

At All Aboard English Academy, we strive to teach our students not only English, but also life skills and character development. As educators, our responsibility is not only to foster the academic growth of children, but also to prepare children to become contributing members of society. In doing this, we believe in a strong commitment to core values that teachers, students, and families at our school can share to create the best learning environment possible. Additionally, we want to encourage students to enjoy the process of learning and begin their journey on the path to become life long learners.

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death.” – Albert Einstein


Excellence, Hard Work, and Positive Attitudes

As a school that values excellence, we must first lead students on the path to excellence through hard work. Only by working hard and maintaining a positive attitude will students be successful learners in English studies and in life. We encourage students to put forth their best effort in all endeavors while helping students to monitor their own progress. All children are unique and special, and we strive to assist every student in reaching his or her potential as an English learner. Students can monitor their own growth as learners, which motivates them to continue working hard and maintaining positive attitudes.

“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.” – Robert M. Hutchins



At our school, students are taught to respect everything and everyone around them. One of the fundamental components of our value system is to respect classmates and teachers. In order to create a safe learning environment where each student feels valued, our children learn how to show respect for all those around them.
When students understand that they are part of a safe, encouraging learning environment, one which respects all of their unique abilities, they feel comfortable participating fully in class. Furthermore, in addition to showing respect to other people, our students learn to respect their own abilities. Children push themselves to put out their best effort because they respect themselves enough to demonstrate the best work they are capable of at all times. They also understand that they have a voice and their classmates respect their opinions, leading to valuable classroom discussions and collaborations. All this is possible because of our strong adherence to our core values and the small class sizes we provide for our students.
Another important element of respect is for students to take care of the school and school property. Students learn to love books as they become readers, so they understand the importance of taking care of books. Additionally, students must show respect to school property in order to keep the environment the best it can be for all learners.



Our school should not exist alone in its efforts to support students' academic and personal development. In order to promote the development of students as well-rounded individuals, we strive to connect our school with the families of our students and the surrounding community. By creating a community around our learners, the values that we instill can carry through their experiences outside of school.
To develop these collaborations with our students and families, we keep parents updated with what is happening in school regularly. We also reach out to families whenever possible. As students become more advanced readers and writers, we sometimes invite families to our school to join in celebrations of their children's accomplishments. This is not only a celebration of our students' work, but also a way to further bridge our school and the homes of our students.
Because we teach our students about a wide range of themes, we sometimes invite members of the community into our school for demonstrations and discussions about their area of expertise related to our topics of study. As children will eventually become contributing members of the community, we hope to demonstrate the importance of strong community relations to our students.
We hope to provide our students with as many learning opportunities as possible. The quality of education we can offer is elevated because of our ability to collaborate with our teachers, families, and the surrounding community.